Ionithermie is considered Europe's premier treatment for combating cellulite, consistently winning press awards and media coverage. After seven years of intensive research and testing, French Bio-Chemist Oliver Fouche launched Ionithermie in 1979. It is the preferred body treatment by the leading spas in Europe.

Ionithermie is a unique treatment for the correction of cellulite and the improvement of skin and muscle tone, with the added benefit of inch loss and detoxification. Thighs, tummy, waist, hips, and buttocks can benefit from even a single session of Ionithermie.

Ionithermie detoxifies the body at the cellular level. This advanced treatment promotes circulation and extracts toxins deposited by things we ingest and by environmental pollutants. The result is smoother, more toned skin and a slimming and firming of the body with measurable inch-loss in the treated areas!

Ionithermie works by using algae, conductive thermal clay and two kinds of gentle electrical stimuli.

The ocean contains each of the 104 trace elements and minerals essential to cleanse, detoxify and perform all cellular functions.  Seaweed in particular contains an abundance of these natural components.  Ionithermie incorporates the purest form of algae in its processes, offering unsurpassed results working specifically on boosting the metabolism, detoxifying and re-mineralizing the skin.


IONITHERMIE is a Five-in-One Corrective Treatment

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Improves and smoothes the skin texture
  • Slims the body with potential inch loss of 1 - 8 inches on the very first treatment
  • Firms and tones the muscles, lifting slackened areas and flattening the abdomen
  • Detoxifies and re-mineralizes the body, raising the bodies energy levels & metabolism


Spot Treatment

Ionithermie helps "spot-reduction" and improves the look of those stubborn areas: hips, thighs, buttocks and tummy.

The results are immediate -- dewy, toned, smooth skin with cellulite noticeably improved and overall body inch loss. In addition to being an anti-cellulite treatment, Ionithermie is the ideal treatment for those who have successfully shed the pounds, yet still retain the classical pear-shaped figure. It helps "spot reduction" and improves the look of those stubborn areas: thighs, tummy, waist, hips, and buttocks. Ionithermie also increases metabolism while promoting detoxification.

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